Fungi Mania

Exploring the forest and swamp areas in Swan Lake, NY – I was truly inspired by the variety of shapes and colors found in fungi – they are a wonderfully diverse group and calling them amazing is an understatement.  Discovering the micro-environments that exist with and around them make fungi a photographers dream.

Read my blog post called Monotropa uni…WHAT!  and you can get the back story to Fungi Mania


DSC02041DSC02045DSC02083DSC0198611057224_10153500646617072_6294691905149665044_nDSC02181DSC02262DSC0227219420409_10155487698372072_4438553102446321473_n (1)DSC01970DSC02118DSC02123DSC02132DSC02143DSC02149DSC02152MushroomMushrooms



All Images, Audio & Artwork  © 2018 N.Fontaine 

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