O Pollinator, Pollinator, Wherefore Art Thou Pollinator ?

Spring is almost in full swing - and as the days get warmer there is much to say about the beauty and romance that comes along with fragrant blooms on sunny days  -  but most importantly, lets not forget that it's the pollinators who are responsible for all this romance! (and our food)  Here is... Continue Reading →

Swamp Angel & Pahin

On select summer weekends I am a volunteer trail guide for the Delaware Highlands Conservancy located in Sullivan County, NY.  Being honest, the first few times I took a group out I stumbled on my words and my feet (ugh embarrassing!) I’m not the best public speaker but as time went on I got better... Continue Reading →

Fungi Mania

Exploring the forest and swamp areas in Swan Lake, NY - I was truly inspired by the variety of shapes and colors found in fungi - they are a wonderfully diverse group and calling them amazing is an understatement.  Discovering the micro-environments that exist with and around them make fungi a photographers dream. Read my... Continue Reading →

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