Sunday Swamp Tromp

Not everyone thinks spending a Sunday in a swamp as an ideal activity, but I do.  This week I was lucky enough to check out a swamp in the  Apalachicola State Forest with two biologists. Being in such a diverse environment was a joy and hanging out with such knowledgeable people made it even better!  This... Continue Reading →

Double Dipping Pt. 2

During the first two weeks of May (2018) I was out. of. my. mind. I was determined to see as many warblers as I could. But as mentioned in my blog Warbler Madness, although I was on a warbler mission this year, I saw a number of other wonderful avian species and of course, I simply... Continue Reading →

Warbler Madness

During the first two weeks of May (2018) I was a complete maniac! Well, I am a bit nutty in general but... I get super pumped up during spring migration. During this time, most people know better than to make any attempt of having any type of conversation with me - you can see it... Continue Reading →

Double Dipping

I love to double dip... I double dip all the time…in the morning, the afternoon, at night –Okay to be clear I’m referring to double dipping in nature - double dipping with birds and blooms (DD’ing with food at any time, any place, well... that’s just gross! & just for the record, I don't DD with food... okay... Continue Reading →

Fungi Mania

Exploring the forest and swamp areas in Swan Lake, NY - I was truly inspired by the variety of shapes and colors found in fungi - they are a wonderfully diverse group and calling them amazing is an understatement.  Discovering the micro-environments that exist with and around them make fungi a photographers dream. Read my... Continue Reading →

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